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photo credit: Charles-Henri Blachon

photo de Yohann Elhadad

Yohann Elhadad

Welcome to my site Yes Photographs acronym for “Yohann Elhadad Studio”


Passionate photographer, I am constantly looking for creative avenues and projects. I was a sculptor several years ago and am rediscovering the taste for sculpting, this time with light... The more I advance in photography, the more I realize that I will be an eternal beginner, more and more surprised by the subtleties that an image reveals and that before I didn't see.

Since I am a portrait painter, I chose to photograph women profusely as if I still needed to grasp their mystery and what beauty provokes of the divine in us. These images are a permanent declaration of love to women, to their complexity, to their facets. This is why I named this virtual exhibition “The Multiple Woman”. I was raised by women, mother, sisters, and many cousins. An entire generation that is 95% female! I had the chance to be educated in feminine subtlety so this site is also a message to men. May these images inspire you with the diversity and richness of the feminine. Far beyond the image of the woman as an object, of the woman reduced and imprisoned in narrow roles. These modest works present the woman as a “subject”. A thousand archetypes in an extreme creative abundance as an ode to their facets, their complexity, their sensuality, their delicious paradoxes and their incredible strength.

My way of approaching photography is much more than aesthetic, what the light reveals is beyond the "fashion" of the "form", it is about an encounter with oneself. I continued the photo for that, for this moment when the models encounter their images, a little closer to themselves, to their essence, to the true light, the one that comes from within. I try to reveal the beautiful, the sensitive, to reveal, beyond the masks, and to do this sometimes hide in order to show. It's about living a new experience of relating to oneself, to one's image, to one's beauty. I see photography as a path to liberation from the negative images that we all carry about ourselves.

An important point too, the artist of a photo is not the photographer, it is the meeting between two artists, model included! Above all, I love letting things happen, bringing together what could be, and making it happen, the act of co-creation par excellence. Being in a relationship that allows for deep kindness to tell the archetypal and at the same time unique story of each person.

Many thanks also to all the models, makeup artists, stylists, creators, artists, dancers who trusted me and played to invent a new world with me.

I invite you to explore these galleries and subscribe for exclusive access to new, enriching themes every week, reflecting the constant evolution of my artistic vision. To organize a shooting or for any creative request, do not hesitate to contact me: together, let's explore the infinite possibilities of photographic art.

I wish you an excellent visit.

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