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Photo shoot prices

Each project is unique, so it is difficult to have a price list. To simplify,I apply a flat hourly rate of €150 excluding tax (€180 including tax). for shooting and editing. For the design of the project we may need to call on a make-up artist and a stylist. Approximately a make-up artist offers services from 70 to 120€ including tax and the rental of a costume between 60 and 120€ including tax.


Here are some examples of possible projects:


Single shoot

30 minute shoot

1 photo in complex retouching 

180 € TTC

90€ TTC additional editing


*Excluding makeup & Styling 

Full shoot

1h30 of shooting

3 photos in complex retouching 

450 €tax included*

90€ including tax additional editing

*Excluding makeup & Styling 


Fresco Shooting

For all your creative projects, posters, frescoes, brand identity work, communication tools.


quote on request

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